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If you love the rich matte look but can’t ever seem to get it right, these are for you! Now you can give your photos the character, charm and timeless elegance found with film, with the convenience of digital & the simplicity of Lightroom!

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    If you love the rich matte look but can’t ever seem to get it right, these are for you! Now you can give your photos the character, charm and timeless elegance found with film, with the convenience of digital & the simplicity of Lightroom!

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    How They Will Help You

    • Faster Workflow – Our presets are easy to navigate and are designed for one click success.  Cut your editing time from hours and days to minutes!
    • Film Elegance with Digital Convenience – Photographing with film is not only costly but also puts the control of your post processing in the hands of the darkroom.  With these presets you can achieve the elegance of film with the convenience, cost and control of digital!
    • High End / Fine Art Look – These presets transform your photos from ordinary to a luxury fine art masterpiece that your clients will love.
    • Consistency – These presets will help give your work a consistent look and style to your portfolio.
    • Be Unique – Set yourself apart from the hundreds of photographers in your market!  These presets were handcrafted after testing on hundreds of different images to come up with a unique & elegant look reminiscent of film.

    Compared to Other Film Presets

    • Simpler – It doesn’t get any simpler than import, one click, adjust and done!
    • Less is More! – Other preset products simply have too many options which defeats the purpose of using a preset and just slow you down.  Instead of you drowning in a sea of preset customization overload, the Endless Elegance Lightroom Film Presets collection gives plenty of editing options and unique looks with the goal of improving your editing, not slowing down your editing workflow speed!
    • Lower Priced – Most Lightroom Film Preset collections are priced at over $100 but not these, allowing you to get the look you want without breaking the bank!

    What Others Are Saying

    “I have always adored the look of film and for several years have tried to find “the perfect film presets” and have been disappointed over and over again. I finally figured that the only way to get that beautiful film look was to actually shoot film and so I now shoot film alongside my digital work. I still need some type of preset to use with my digital images so that there is a cohesiveness to my images from sessions and events.  Working with these presets on my digital images was fantastic, simple to use and made me smile when I saw this beautiful depth and glow in my images that you just cannot get with your typical digital preset.  I know I will be able to use Cole’s Endless Elegance Film Presets alongside my film work so that my film and digital images stay beautifully consistent across the board. Gorgeous.” – Amy Corrigan Photography

    “I was never a huge Lightroom believe until Cole and his presets convinced me otherwise. These presets are as close to a one click edit as you will need. This saves time as well as providing a high quality product to your clients.” – Ann Sumi Photography

    “I have used some of Cole’s presets in the past and have been very impressed, so I was intrigued to see what Cole had come up with this time. The presets have a softer, dreamy feel, reminiscent of photos captured with film. My absolute favorites are ColesCreation and Film Fade – they are absolutely gorgeous! Cole’s Creation does wonders for skin tones. To me, Blackberry epitomises the look and feel of film; it really does a wonderful job in transforming your image to more of an old-school look. It is fantastic to have the option to create very professional finished images with a single click!  Using well-made presets really takes a lot of the time and energy out of editing, without compromising on quality!” – Beth Lapthorne Photography

    “These presets have transformed my photos! They go from good to great! I get the “oohs and aaahhs” when people looks at my photos now. They give them that “edge” that was missing while cutting down my processing by many hours. I typically can just use a preset, adjust the exposure and shadows slightly and that’s it!” – Andrea Davis Photography

    The Presets

    The Endless Elegance Film Presets Collection contains 22 unique color film presets and 8 timeless black & white film presets plus effects presets allowing to easily customize the presets providing you with a large array of variety with the simplicity of a single mouse click!


  • Reviews (3)

    3 reviews for Endless Elegance Lightroom Film Presets!

    1. 5 out of 5

      I am in love with the Endless Elegance Lightroom Presets and the brush collection. It is so much easier and faster using Cole’s Presets. They have cut my time editing in half. Thank you so much!!!

    2. 5 out of 5

      I love Cole’s Crisp and Clean Presets and the Endless Elegance Presets! They make my portraits stand out and I love how my editing time has decreased significantly. Every photographer have have these presets in their arsenal.

    3. 5 out of 5

      I have found that the Cole’s Classroom presets (the Crisp & Clean and Endless Elegance collections) provide a wide variety of one-click looks for my photos. I’m looking forward to trying out the Complete Drag & Drop Photo Collage next. I found the tips in Import to Export really helpful too, helping me to get good-looking photos out and turning myself into an editing machine at the same time. This hasn’t been easy for me because I’m a perfectionist. It was helpful, in particular, to hear Cole’s thought processes when making culling and editing decisions! Thanks Cole 🙂

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