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Editing newborn photos isn’t easy and many find Photoshop a necessary editing tool…not anymore! This Lightroom presets collection just made newborn editing a whole lot easier on you.

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    Editing newborn photos isn’t easy and many find Photoshop a necessary editing tool…not anymore! This Lightroom presets collection just made newborn editing a whole lot easier on you. Featuring 1-click presets and also a set of newborn adjustment brushes to tackle newborn skin redness and other common editing challenges it’s no wonder why these presets have been a favorite among newborn photographers!

    • Save TIME – Using the presets & being able to fully retouch images within only 5 mouse clicks can save you hours of editing time within each photo shoot!
    • Specifically Crafted for NEWBORN Editing – This Lightroom Presets Collection is hand crafted to tackle the challenging photo editing & retouching needs of newborn photographers. Each preset has been created to instantly ease some of the retouching needs by automatically smoothing out skin tone differences and textures. Having to head to Photoshop for each photo is no longer needed with this newborn presets collection!
    • Simple to USE – Unlike using Photoshop, Lightroom is much easier to use and these presets are hand crafted with simplicity in mind. Just simply start with any preset you’d like, then make any necessary refined retouches using our adjustment brush & spot removal tools and your done! If you aren’t sure which preset is best for the image, no problem, our presets are designed so that you can easily change presets with one click to see your full variety of options & results without wiping out any of the retouching you already have done!
    • Lots of VARIETY – The Essential Newborn & Portrait Preset Collection contains 24 1-Click Develop Presets & 5 adjustment brush presets to tackle all your retouching needs while providing you with numerous different color, B&W, Sepia, and Film/Vintage toned edits.
    • CONSISTENT Look to Your Images – Using presets doesn’t only save you time but it makes your edited photos more consistent so your clients know what to expect each time they book a session with you.
    • Quicker Editing = HAPPIER CLIENTS – By nature humans are impatient. Under-promise & over-deliver to your clients by getting them their photos earlier than promised and you will help turn your clients into raving fans!

    Here Is Exactly What You’ll Get!
    Antique Angels
    B&W – Bold Hi-Contrast
    B&W – Low Contrast
    B&W – Soft Yet Bold
    Color Pop!
    Film – Color Winter
    Film – Forever Fall
    Pinch O’ Color
    Pink Pastel
    Sepia & B&W Mix 1
    Sepia & B&W Mix 2
    Soft Creamy Color – Neutral
    Soft Creamy Color – Warmer
    Soft Sepia
    Springtime Baby!
    Springtime Baby Brighter!
    Vintage Winter
    Add Grain – Light
    Add Grain – Medium
    Add Grain – Heavy
    ​Red Skin Removal Retouch (Brush)
    Cole’s Skin Soften (Brush)
    Cooler Skin (Brush)
    Warmer Skin (Brush)
    More Detail (Brush)
    Vignette – Mild
    Vignette – Medium
    Vignette – Strong

    With my money back guarantee the risk is all on me!
    I am so confident that you will love using these presets I am offering a money back guarantee.
    So what do you have to lose?

    My goal is to help you achieve better looking photos that take you less time to edit and I put a tremendous amount of time and effort into the quality of my presets & quite simply, I want you to love using my presets.

    This guarantee works on the honor system. Please don’t abuse it because there is nothing cool about cheating.

    Please note – These presets import into Adobe Lightroom software & will not work without that software. No refunds will be given if you don’t have Lightroom.

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    3 reviews for Essential Newborn Lightroom Presets Collection

    1. 5 out of 5

      I love the Newborn presets! They save SO much time and they look awesome!

    2. 5 out of 5

      I use all my newborn presets and the all in one crisp and clean for portraits and Headshots. I also use the drag and drop collages to showcase clients sneak-peeks!

    3. 5 out of 5

      The newborn presets are awesome! They give me such great results, with a few clicks. Thanks, I love them!Karee

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