Landscape Photography Course


Breathtaking & Majestic Landscape Photos
Don’t Happen By Chance.
Luckily For You – We’re Giving You Our Road-Map So You Too Can Take Incredible Landscape Photos!

  • Description


    What You Will Discover!
    • The EXACT gear that you really need to produce amazing landscape photos (without the hefty price tag!)
    • Jim’s secret location scouting tips to reliably count on an amazing photo shoot without wasting precious time or “missing the shot”
    • How to produce stunning photos at any time of the day (even if forced to work in sub-optimum conditions).
    • Jim’s best tricks for adding emotion & energy into each still photo that really brings your landscape photos to life!
    • How to start producing photos that “WOW” in camera and quit taking flat, boring snapshots.
    • The key to slow shutter speed magic while still having properly exposed photos!
    Getting Started with Landscape Photography Course Outline
    • Course Introduction
    • The Right Cameras
    • The Best Lenses
    • Proper Tripods
    • Other Items You Will Need
    • Tips for Finding the Best Locations
    • Best Times & Conditions for Landscape Photography
    • Setting Up for the Perfect Picture
    • Organizing & Composing Your Picture
    • Beyond the Basics – Key Tricks for the Best Results
    • Conclusion
    Total Course Run Length is 5 hours and Contains 39 Videos!
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