Photo 101 + Prestige Presets Bundle

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Ready to take professional looking photos all the time?  The key is mastering your camera and then knowing how to properly edit them to really “pop”.  You need to do both to consistently produce standout imagery – and this bundle gives you the training and tools for both!

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    Many photographers come to me frustrated with their photography & most feel one (or all!) of these things…
    – Upset that they can’t seem to figure out how to consistently get SHARP photos.
    – Confused over trying to understand what DEPTH OF FIELD is & how it effects their photos.
    – Frustrated that they can’t seem to discover the trick to shoot in full MANUAL mode and have consistently proper exposed photos.
    – Annoyed that they still have no clue what the heck METERING is or what on earth half of the buttons on their DSLR even do!
    Sound familiar to you?
    I hear you, and can help if you’ll let me. This is why I created this Photo Fundamentals online course. In fact, here’s how my photos used to look, and how they look now!
    I’ve been told I have a special talent for transforming difficult photography concepts into simple, easy to understand & bite sized photography lessons that every aspiring photographer can master with ease & start producing professional photos that they are proud of.
    Plus, you’ll get my Lightroom presets to help you get amazing results during the editing process too!

    Here’s what you will get:

    The Photography Fundamentals Online Course – Cole’s jump-start course to get you taking way better photos, in camera in 90 minutes or less! ($99 value)

    High-definition video training with accompanying written text.  At end of course you will take a quiz to ensure comprehension and when you “pass” the quiz you will receive a certificate of completion with your name on it!
    Here’s All Of the Lessons & Topics In This Course:

    The Prestige Portrait & Wedding Lightroom Presets – Our Most Refined Presets Yet – Specifically Created to Add “Pop” While Preserving Natural & Beautiful Skin Tones. ($59 value)

    Unlike any other preset collection we offer, each preset contains both “clean” and “haze” versions so you can find the perfect look you want in less time than ever before while honing in on your true unique “style” & vision.
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