Photo 101 Quick Reference Guide


A simple guide for photography enthusiasts to discover the key to taking dramatically better photos with your camera, even if you are brand new to photography – guaranteed!

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    Want sharper photos?
    Not sure why your photos are always grainy?
    Wish you knew how to shoot on manual mode?
    Tired of blurry photos?

    The Photo 101 Quick Reference Guide will solve these issues for you and much more.
    This Could Be Your Story.
    When you combine good simple educational tools like this photography quick reference guide with a very reasonable amount of “practice” on your end you too can start getting amazing results like below…consistently.
    Each of the 3 sets of photos below are from 3 different photographers…the “then” photos show what happens when you don’t know how to use your camera and don’t have good technique or understanding and the “now” photo shows what will happen to you after you use my quick reference guide and put it to use with a little effort 🙂
    You Will Discover…
    • The key to taking razor sharp photos all the time.
    • The trick to always having everyone in focus on a group portrait.
    • The simple technique the “pros” use to create images that “pop” right off the screen/print.
    • My 5 easy composition rules to follow to immediately take more interesting and unique photos in camera, every time you press your shutter.
    • How aperture, ISO and shutter speed all work together so you can start nailing your exposure in camera, on manual mode.
    Why You Need This.
    Great presets and photo editing aren’t going to turn bad photos into amazing photos. Discovering proper camera technique and when to use which setting is absolutely vital to becoming a great photographer.

    The good news for you is…it really doesn’t have to be so hard.  Too many photography instructors teach already confusing concepts in an overly technical and confusing way…I don’t.
    The truth is, this is the foundation you need before you can excel.  There is no getting around it.  It might take you 3 years to figure it out with trial and error OR you can spend $9 today and be getting better results in 5 minutes.
    Without thorough knowledge of the photo fundamentals you’ll continue to be disappointed by a lack of consistency with your images.
    Sorry but there are no shortcuts and quick “band-aid” fixes will be just that.
    Luckily for you, you can change all of this today and get on track with one easy to understand 5 page document.
    FREE Bonus – $20 Value
    Photography Exposure Cheat Sheet
    My mission is to make learning photography as simple and easy as possible and that is why I put together this exposure cheat sheet.

    You can easily print out and carry with you to help guide you while you are mastering exposure.
    The result will be you’ll get off of shooting on auto mode with inconsistent results way faster and actually learn exactly which each camera setting does and how it affects the look of your photo!
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Who is The Photo 101 Quick Reference Guide for?
    This guide is for any photographer who still struggles with getting proper exposure in camera, wants to quit taking blurry or photos lacking sharpness and wants a simple guide to show them exactly what the problem is so they can start producing amazing images in camera.
    Does the guide include any video photography training?
    No. This guide is a printable reference guide only.  For a deeper comprehension of these core photography concepts we do recommend joining Cole’s Clique and taking the Photo 101 video course. On the very next page you can get 30 days in the clique for only $1 (you won’t find that deal anywhere else)
    Why is this guide so cheap? What’s the catch?
    There is NO CATCH at all.  My goal isn’t to make a ton of money, it is to help as many photographers as possible and that’s why I wanted to price this during the launch at such a crazy low price of only $5.  At this price, everyone can afford it and start taking dramatically better photos today.
    What if I am not a professional photographer?
    Perfect.  This guide is for you!
    Can I purchase now, even if I’m not near a computer?
    Yes! You can easily purchase from your smartphone or tablet. You will be sent an email with your download link, and you can save the files to your computer any time.
    Do I need special software to view the reference guide?
    The files are in PDF format, making it easy for you to download and view with Adobe Reader or Acrobat.
    What if I am not satisfied with my purchase?
    We completely stand behind the quality of our products and have a 30 day money back guarantee!  If you aren’t happy for any reason, simply email us at [email protected] for a full refund!
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