Photographing Children Shooting Guide

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Introducing: The “Photographing Children” Shooting Guide
The essential step-by-step guide for confidently managing sessions with families and children and capturing the authentic joy, emotion, and uniqueness of kids in your photos every time.
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    Specifically for photographers tired of feeling anxious & overwhelmed when photographing children & consistently struggle to get sharp, crisp photos while keeping kids engaged.
    There’s finally a proven method to ensure you have a smooth & headache-free photo session involving children & get amazing results that parents will love, guaranteed.
    Introducing: The “Photographing Children” Shooting Guide
    The essential step-by-step guide for confidently managing sessions with families and children and capturing the authentic joy, emotion, and uniqueness of kids in your photos every time.
    Here’s exactly what you get…
    •  A fully-loaded 34-page downloadable PDF featuring tips on everything associated with taking photos of children from in-camera tips to controlling a potential unruly situation.
    •  My tricks and secrets for getting tack-sharp and crystal clear photos every time on a children’s photo shoot (including fast-moving and small subjects). Revealed on page 18.
    •  My unique approach to get authentic emotions from children that brings out the best in their personalities (no matter how much they’re distracted or disinterested). Found on page 23.
    • Tips on how to choose the perfect shooting location (pg 22) and my favorite gear. (pg 5)
    •  My step-by-step guide on winning camera settingsthat I actually use to get razor-sharp and clear photos (even with active kids). Page 12
    •  My invaluable “what to do” guide in case it unexpectedly starts falling apart (so you don’t have to panic and ruin your photos).  Revealed on page 28
    How different would your photographs be if you had a complete gameplan for children during a shoot?
    With this complete, downloadable PDF you will get relaxed kids that express genuine emotion in your photos – instantly. 
    Getting it right in-camera is hard enough on its own…
    Has this happened to you?
    You’re just starting on a family portrait session. The family has two or three kids. Managing a family is already a big challenge – but you’re nervous that keeping the kids focused will be your biggest obstacle. 
    But things seem to be starting out well. You have a decent shot or two that you know you’ll be able to use. But then, it happens…
    You notice that you’re starting to lose one of the kids. They stop looking at the camera. They’re getting fidgety. You know they’re losing focus. 
    And in this moment you begin to panic and rush to finish before the kids completely break down. 
    Then one child starts to cry or won’t stay still. You can see the snowball forming before this entire session completely breaks down.  
    They’re agitated.
    You’re agitated. 
    And the parents look to you for direction to control the situation. 
    Your job has now become 1-part babysitter, 1-part photographer. And by this time you and your clients have lost patience and confidence that they’ll get usable photos. 
    In the process, you’ve lost another future referral.
    You see, photographing children is more than just finding terrific poses.
    You also need to manage the shoot and keep your parent’s and their children feeling relaxed, confident, and natural so you can bring out the best of their personalities in your photos. 
    These are the kinds of photos you (and your clients) imagined getting…
    …and you can get them too. I’ll show you how.


    Hi, I’m Betsy. 
    And I’m here to give you my proven methods to taking amazing and natural children’s photos while cutting out the stress of a session involving kids.

     After photographing over 140 families and children, I’ve experienced it all and know what it takes to consistently get relaxed, photogenic children. 

    Children can pose all kinds of challenges on photo shoots, but I’ve learned the keys to navigating these situations while still getting great photos in-camera. 

     And I put all of my proven methods in this simple and complete guide – just for you. 
    Here’s What My Children’s Photos Used to Look Like…
    Where to start!? These photos are plagued with contrast and light issues, are blurry, or are just unnatural and stiff. In one of the photos I really had problems directing my little “subject” after they started losing patience. This really was not their fault. I didn’t have a solid gameplan that could help me manage a session of this nature. Further, I was trying to learn my camera and my style “on the fly”. This was a huge mistake. Not only did I fail to provide the direction my clients needed and expected, I was also getting distracted and messing up in-camera.  
    Here’s What My Children’s Photos Look Like Now…
    These photos are well lit, focused, and full of authentic emotion that brings out the unique personalities of each child.  They look as if they’re professional models and naturally candid – but this is just the result of having great direction and a plan.  
    It’s all right in front of you. But you have to make a decision.
    You can get the “Photographing Children Shooting Guide” and…
    •  Feel confident going into every family or children’s session knowing that you have a solid gameplan for anything that will come
    •  Get razor-sharp and clear photos that are full of natural emotion and bring out the best in the children you photograph
    •  Learn my proven methods and camera settings that are guaranteed to improve your children’s photos and help you manage a difficult situation.
    •  Leave a stunning impression with the families and kids you work with who will have fun and will want to work with you again.
    •  Transform your Children’s photos forever without breaking the bank.
    Or you can pass on this special deal and…
    •  Continue to get blurry, out of focus photos that you’re reluctant to share with friends, family, or clients.
    •  Feel anxious and overwhelmed before every session with children knowing that you’ll have to handle everything that comes “on the fly”
    •  Get stiff, awkward, and unnatural poses and expressions from the children you’re photographing.
    •  Risk getting disappointing photos because you’ve lost focus during your session by having to deal with everything as it comes.
    •  Try and deal with “blowouts” from children during your session on the fly and risk walking away with poor photos and disappointed parents
    This choice is yours.
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