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Tired of fumbling around with your camera and taking inconsistent or amateur photos?  This Photo 101 course will walk you through mastering your camera in only 1.5 hours!

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    Many photographers come to me frustrated with their photography & most feel one (or all!) of these things…

    – Upset that they can’t seem to figure out how to consistently get SHARP photos.
    – Confused over trying to understand what DEPTH OF FIELD is & how it effects their photos.
    – Frustrated that they can’t seem to discover the trick to shoot in full MANUAL mode and have consistently proper exposed photos.
    – Annoyed that they still have no clue what the heck METERING is or what on earth half of the buttons on their DSLR even do!
    Sound familiar to you?
    I hear you, and can help if you’ll let me. This is why I created this Photo Fundamentals online course.
    I’ve been told I have a special talent for transforming difficult photography concepts into simple, easy to understand & bite sized photography lessons that every aspiring photographer can master with ease & start producing professional photos that they are proud of.
    Here’s All Of the Lessons & Topics In This Course:
    Meghan’s Story
    “When I discovered Cole’s Classroom and Cole’s Clique I had owned a DSLR camera for about 6 months and I was really frustrated. I’m a smart person, I pick new concepts up easily. Or so I had always thought, anyway. But at this point in my photography journey I had spent countless hours scouring the internet for articles and tutorials to help me understand my camera and how to make it do what I wanted it to. I understood that the exposure triangle existed, and that I need to be able to control it in order to achieve the types of pictures I was envisioning. But I could not make the elements of it come together in my head. In addition, I only partially understood all the menus and buttons on my camera, so the only pictures I could take that were in focus and properly exposed were those I shot in auto mode. They weren’t terrible, but they were basically snapshots, and I wanted to control light and movement and depth of field. I wanted to make art.

    Photography 101 was the first course I took in the Clique. It’s different because Cole starts at the very beginning, and goes step by step. Each element of the course builds off the prior element, until you get a full picture of the fundamentals of photography. First I learned my camera itself. Then the basics of exposure. Then white balance and focus. The format of the class is such that I was able to watch a segment on one subject, where Cole actually demonstrated the techniques, and then I could stop the video and practice what I’d just learned before I moved on to the next subject. It really was the “Aha” moment I was looking for.

    My photos started to improve rapidly. First I was able to shoot in aperture and shutter speed priority modes. I began to understand light and depth of field and focus. I could finally freeze motion and seek out flattering lighting for portraits.

    Now, I am shooting fully in manual mode. I know what settings to use based on the light and the speed of my subject. I know how to make my subject pop off the background. I can consistently turn out photos with a tack sharp subject and a creamy blurred background. I understand how to compose a photo that tells a story, as opposed to just taking a snapshot. Now I can focus on perfecting technique and finding my individual style. Photography 101 was the foundation to all of that, and I can’t say enough good things about this course!”
    – Meghan Dickerson

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will the course get me off of shooting in full auto mode?
    Yes. You can’t get consistent results in manual mode until you understand the mechanics and fundamentals and this course breaks all of that down for you into EASY to understand lessons so you can finally grasp and master these concepts.
    What if I am not a professional photographer?
    This bundle is absolutely perfect for you.
    Can I purchase now, even if I’m not near a computer?
    Yes! You can easily purchase from your smartphone or tablet. You will be sent an email with your download link, and you can save the files to your computer any time.
    How will I get the course?
    As soon as your purchase goes through you’ll receive an email with your course login info and your download link to your presets and bonuses.
    What if I am not satisfied with my purchase?
    We completely stand behind the quality of our products and have a 30 day money back guarantee! If you aren’t happy for any reason, simply email us at [email protected] for a full refund!
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