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Uptown Photoshop Actions Collection – giving you all of the creative versatility & retouching capability you’d ever want right at your fingertips

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    Don’t make the costly mistake of limiting yourself only using Lightroom!
    (with prospective clients begging you to take their photos!)
    Introducing the “Uptown Photoshop Actions Collection” giving you all of the creative versatility & retouching capability you’d ever want right at your fingertips – in one simple to use collection of actions transforming Photoshop into simple step-by-step image processing with complete control and customization that ANYONE can do! 
    The Benefits of the Uptown Photoshop Actions!
    • Simple to use / headache free 1-click application
    • Full control over each edit – easily adjust the strength or effect of each action!
    • Easily mix & match and layering of actions make for endless creative options & editing.
    • Full suite of retouching actions to soften skin, adjust hair, lips, skin-tones with ease.
    • Discover our “shaping lights” letting you easily add sun-flare & other creative effects to take your photos to the next level!
    • 95 total actions in one easy to navigate user friendly format.
    Sarah Says…

    I will honestly say that I think these actions are a game changer! I have religiously used Greater Than Gatsby actions and have always swore by them but these actions fill in the holes that those actions have. My favorite part is the skin smoothing actions. I find that other actions I use often have too much power or aren’t as realistic and these ones (especially the porcelain action) are spot on. The different versions of the actions (+) are wonderful too!
    – Sarah Blanchette

    The “Uptown Photoshop Actions Collection” is your missing link to easily transforming your good photos into AMAZING photos without the traditional headaches of Photoshop!

    See The Results Below!

    Dani Says…
    When starting out with Photoshop I did all of my editing without actions (UGH!!!) The first few actions I purchased from other places just weren’t very impressive and I found I didn’t end up using them very much. Cole’s actions are easy to use, versatile, and worth using. I can tell you I have already used them more than any of my other actions, hands down. 
    Plus the amount of time saved editing is dramatic, after all time is money! I highly recommend Cole’s Uptown Photoshop actions!

    – Dani Jackson
    Here’s All The Photoshop Actions That You Will Get!
    Over 90 User Friendly & Neatly Organized Actions
    Workflow & Brush Retouch Actions
    Use these on any & all images you like to add that “little extra” to your images.  Easily adjust skin-tones, hair color, lips as well as sharpening & vignetting actions.
    Stylized Actions
    Your source for creating beautiful & unique signature edits to make your work stand apart & “wow”!
    Lighting Actions
    Our move-able “shaping lights” are the trick to adding realistic sun-flare effects & unique artistic enhancements
    Artistic Actions
    • Frozen Tundra
    •  Torrey Pines
    • Desert Heat
    • Fields of Gold
    • Santa Fe Fog
    • Montecito
    • Coronado Summer
    • Catalina
    • Warm Vintage
    • Cool Vintage
    • Young & Free
    • Young & Free – Fade
    • Young & Free – Fade +
    • Cold Film
    • Sweet September
    • Shiplap
    • Shiplap- Warm Edges
    Image Toning
    • Aged Leather
    • Splash of Cab
    • Pale Night
    Skin Brushes
    • Soft But True
    • Morning Glow
    • Porcelain
    Shaping Lights
    • Cabo Days
    • Arctic Breeze
    •  Twilight Shine
    • Pale Dawn
    • Sweet Summer
    • Morning Dew
    Enhancement Brushes
    • Burn It
    • Burn It +
    • Dodge It
    • Dodge It +
    • Lift Shadows
    • Highlight Recovery
    • Contrast
    • Rich Contrast
    • Add Saturation
    Lip Brushes
    • Red Hot Lips
    • Oh Those Lips
    • Pale and Pink
    Color Temp/White Balance
    • Color Temp
    • Warm it Up
    • Warm it Up +
    • Cool it Down
    • Cool it Down +
    Environmental Brushes
    • Ocean Blue
    • Big Sur Tress
    • Grass is Greener
    • Caribbean Sands
    • Del Sur
    • Blue Skies
    Hair Brushes
    • Push my Hair
    • Pull my Hair
    • Rich Brunette
    • Rich Blonde
    • Rich Red
    Eye Brushes
    • Big Blue Eyes
    • Big Brown Eyes
    • Big Green Eyes
    • Refresh Eyes
    One Click B&W Actions
    • Timeless Story
    • Midnight Movie
    • Old Hollywood
    • Wild West
    • White & Black
    • Old B&W
    • Old B&W Cold
    • Old B&W Warm
    • Old B&W Warm +
    Image Enhancements
    • Thats Fresh
    • Thats Fresher
    • Love it
    • Love it more
    • Crisp and Clean
    • Open Highlights
    • Darken Shadows
    • Contrast Boost
    • Contrast Boost +
    • Increase Saturation
    • Increase Saturation +
    Exposure Controls
    • The Bright Side
    • The Bright Side +
    • The Dark Side
    • The Dark Side +
    Sharpening Actions
    • Sharpen For Print
    • Sharpen For Print +
    • Sharpen For Print ++
    • Sharpen For Web
    Vignette Actions
    • Vignette with Edge Burn
    • Vignette with Edge Burn +
    • Vignette with Edge Burn ++
    • Vignette with Tilt Shift Blur
    Beth Says…
    I’ve really despised using Photoshop. It’s way too complicated for me. That’s no longer the case with the Uptown Actions! I used Cole’s actions and barely had to make any adjustments. I’ve always used Cole’s Crisp & Clean Presets but Cole nailed it in Photoshop with these! I love how my images turned out. He is amazing!
    – Beth Moses
    Our Industry Leading Money Back Guarantee
    (Unlike Other Actions/Presets Companies)
    30  Day Money Back Guarantee – 100% Risk Free.

    I am so confident that you will love using these actions inside Adobe Photoshop, I am offering a money back guarantee.

    So what do you have to lose?
    My goal is to help you achieve better looking photos that take you less time to edit your photos in Photoshop and we put a tremendous amount of time and effort into the quality of these actions & quite simply, we want you to love using our actions.
    This guarantee works on the honor system. Please don’t abuse it because there is nothing cool about cheating.
    Please note – These actions import into Adobe Photoshop (NOT Lightroom) software & will not work without that software. No refunds will be given if you don’t have Photoshop.
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